Industrial products

Utilization in industrial products

"Takumi's skill" by skilled craftsmen is still indispensable in the field of manufacturing.

Many years of experience of craftsmen are also relied on for judgment based on "sound" in the detection of abnormal noise in production machines and the sensory evaluation of finished products.

GD Similarity visibly shows such "craftsmanship" and enables young people to pass on the technology and further improve the efficiency of production.

Machine noise detection

It is useful for detecting the sound (abnormal noise) generated when an abnormality occurs in a machine. In addition, slight changes in sound can be detected accurately and in real time. 

Through these, we will contribute to smarter production lines and optimization of machine maintenance cycles.

Product sensory evaluation

The sounds of automobile engines and doors are designed and developed so that people feel comfortable.

Since the LPC spectrum is an advantage in the analysis of transient signals, it can verify the details of the sound that changes momentarily, and can be a powerful tool for producing better sound.